Sounds and Colours Brazil

Sounds and Colours Brazil is a new book and CD focused on Brazilian music and culture. With interest in Brazil set to reach fever pitch make sure you get the inside scoop on what makes the country tick… its creativity, diversity and rich cultural history. If you’re thinking bossa nova, Carmen Miranda and Jorge Amado then this book may not be for you. Sure, these are all important parts of Brazilian culture (and feature in our book in some way) but we wanted to go deeper than that.

Staying as far away from the stereotypes and cliches as possible, Sounds and Colours Brazil is part-book, part-magazine, part-fanzine (and all-passion!) with 200 pages of articles, illustrations and photos that show Brazil in a completely new light. We’ve gone behind the scenes to find out the music making waves in Rio, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Recife. We’ve looked into why Brazil is miles ahead when it comes to harnessing digital tools for creativity. We’ve dived head first into Brazilian hip-hop, carimbó, afrobeat and jongo, letting you know why you may want to give your stereo a decidedly-’Brazilian’ refit. We even got renowned Brazilian music experts like Hermano Vianna and José Teles to share their infinite wisdom. Plus, the book comes with a 20-track compilation of brand-new Brazilian music so you can hear exactly what we’re talking about.

Take a look inside…

Click here to download a sample chapter (PDF) > Setting The Scene: Salvador by Jody Gillett

Reflecting the infinite rhythms and non-stop grooves of Brazilian life, we spent a lot of time working on the music section of the book (it takes up almost half the edition and the CD) but there’s still plenty more besides. In the film section we pick out some of the greats from the Cinema Novo movement, sprinkle adulation on Macunaíma, explain why Recife is now the capital of Brazilian cinema and find inspiration in recent films like Bus 174 and Foreign Land.

Diversity comes to the fore in the art section where we look at the completely different worlds of Candido Portinari, Derlon Almeida, Anarkia Boladona and Gilvan Samico; and we give you the low-down on what’s happening in the Brazilian art world too, of course. The big revelation in the literature section is the rise of authors from the periphery which, alongside an explosion in the number of literary fairs in Brazil, is offering a solution to Brazil’s illiteracy problems. We go into serious depth on the quality of new Brazilian literature with experts/authors such as Luiz Bras and Luiz Ruffato investigating on our behalf. Then, the section ends with Jorge Amado, showing that we’re not scared of Brazil’s greats of yesteryear after all. But, we did want to show that times have changed, and that whenever anyone says that Brazilian music, art or literature isn’t that great at the moment, it’s only because they haven’t been looking in the right places.

If you’d like to know exactly what you’ll be getting, here’s the rundown of the contents of both the book and CD. And if you’re thinking that this book has quite a lot of articles, that’s because it has. There is no page wasted as we have no advertising (we raised part of the money through a fundraising campaign (thanks again to the fundraisers), and we paid for the rest ourselves).



Setting The Scene: Rio De Janeiro by Russell Slater
Give Upp The Funk by Greg Scruggs
Na Lapa by Alfredo Del-Penho
Bate-Bola by Damian Platt
The Joy Of Jongo by Eloise Stevens
Setting The Scene: São Paulo by Russell Slater
Nothing But An SP Thang by Rodrigo Brandão
Brazilian Samples That Made Hip-Hop History by Allen Thayer
The Felabration Has Begun by Russell Slater
Unhappy Hillbillies & Ten-Gallon Hats by Alexander S. Dent
The Modern Pilgrims by Lulina Abduzida
Setting The Scene: Belo Horizonte by Katia Abreu
Soccer, Samba, Soundcloud by Shannon Garland
Setting The Scene: Salvador by Jody Gillett
The Game Players by Hermano Vianna
Gonzaga & Me by Rob Curto
Setting The Scene: Recife by Diego Albuquerque & Rodrigo Édipo
Carnaval Do Recife (Photos) by Beto Figueiroa
Mulher Rendeira by Robin Perkins
Welcome To The Jungle by Marlon Bishop
Tecnobrega Rising by Amaya García-Velasco
Brazil’s Sonic Mutants by Wolfram Lange
Tecnobrega In Belém (Photos) by Henrik Moltke
Twenty Influential Brazilian Albums by Debora Baldelli, Marlon Bishop, Rodrigo Brandão, Caçapa, Greg Caz, Tom Crookston, Julia Furlan, Kariann Goldschmitt, Pedro Gutierres (Illustration), Pablo Miyazawa, Russell Slater, José Teles, Allen Thayer And Steven Totten


Brazilian Cinema: An Introduction by Demetrios Matheou
Neighbouring Films by Bruno Guaraná
The Sounds Of The Street by Lucas Santtana
A Hero Without Character by Bruna Gala
Literature, Art & Politics by Leo Nikolaidis
Cinema Novo by Leo Nikolaidis
Mirror, Mirror by Sofia Serbin De Skalon
Bus 174 & The Invisibles by Ed Siegle
Diretas Já by Nick MacWilliam


Brazilian Art: An Introduction by Alicia Bastos
Portrait Of Populism by Jessica Sequeira
Anarkia Boladona by Damian Platt
Gilvan Samico by Arthur Dantas
Derlon Almeida by Russell Slater


Brazil’s New Literary Encounters by Joanna Blyth
Good, Average Or Bad? by Luiz Bras
21st-Century Brazilian Authors by Luiz Ruffato
On A String by Russell Slater
Soirees For The Soul by Russell Slater
A Jorge Amado Reader by Gina Vergel


Brasília, 20th June 2013 (Photos) by Cícero Fraga
Artwork/Illustrations by Mateus Acioli, Pedro Gutierres, Raul Luna and Felipe Muanis.


Listen to sample track, Gabriel Muzak’s “Belém Não Para”:

1. Kassin – Calça de Ginástica
2. BNegão & Os Seletores de Frequência – Chega Pra Somar No Groove
3. Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda – No Ar
4. Ex-Exus – Estejam Sempre Aqui
5. Cabruêra – Jurema
6. Sombra – Movimente-se
7. OQuadro – Tá Amarrado
8. Metá Metá – Obá Iná
9. Bixiga 70 – Grito de Paz
10. Alvinho Lancellotti – Alegria da Gente
11. Gabriel Muzak – Belém Não Para
12. Dead Lover’s Twisted Heart – Meu Coração
13. Felipe Cordeiro – Conversa Fora
14. D MinGus – Naturalmente Punks
15. Chinese Cookie Poets – Viva la Raza!
16. Passo Torto – Cidadão
17. Siba – Qasida
18. Alessandra Leão – Ai, Dendê
19. Space Night Love Dance Laser – Ivani 2000
20. Os Nelsons – É Só Se Jogar

Listen to the entire compilation at Bandcamp